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Punnet Chabbi Art 05
Rs:1050 Rs:799
Ceramic TeaSet T501
Rs:7400 Rs:6799
Table Runner Art 01
Rs:11500 Rs:10500
Punnet Chabbi Art 09
Rs:1050 Rs:799
Block Print Suit Art 05
Rs:2150 Rs:2050
Wall Pot
Rs:900 Rs:850


Ceremic TeaSet T503
Rs:7399 Rs:6799
Blue Ceramic TeaSet
Rs:7399 Rs:6799
Multani Crush
Rs:699 Rs:595
Ashtray Art 04
Rs:800 Rs:600
Bed Sheet Art 01
Rs:11500 Rs:10500
Punnet Chabbi Art 03
Rs:1150 Rs:1050

Home Decore

Khussa K103
Rs:999 Rs:895
Handmade Glass Art 02
Rs:800 Rs:600
Ceramic Vase Medium
Rs:5550 Rs:5250
Table Runner Art 02
Rs:11500 Rs:10500
Kanyali Khussa Art 02
Rs:550 Rs:500
Bed Sheet Art 02
Rs:11500 Rs:10500

Hand Made Blue Pottery

22-Mar-2021 || 04:55 PM

All over Punjab, Multan is the city where handmade products are made. When we talk about blue pottery the first city in our mind is “Multan”. It’s not just called the city of saints but it’s famous for unique blue pottery designs. Blue pottery means that the pottery is blue. It is a purely handmade item made with clay and then shaped and colored by hands. Pottery items are in culture thousand years ago but still trending due to their unique designs and colors. Blue p

Embroidered Dupatta & Shawls

16-Mar-2021 || 04:40 PM

The term embroidery means the decoration of fabric by using the and Needle and thread on print. Embroidery is unique in its thread patterns and designs. This is an ancient technique result in beautiful intricate prints created from layer upon layer of natural dyes. Embroidered dupattas & Shawls are best to carry with simple suits and increase the glamour of your outfits. In Pakistan, fashion for dupatta & Shawls never ends. Dupattas are used for summer and shawls are used for the winter. There a

Embroided Khussa

16-Mar-2021 || 04:42 PM

Khussa is famous south Asian footwear produced in Punjab. Khussa plays an important role in cultural heritage. Khussa is made with leather then embellished with brass nails, sequins and beads. If we talk about the quality of khussa Multan khussa is the best and top of the list. Multan khussas are purely handmade and made by the resides in the cobbled streets of Multan. Khussa is routine-based footwear that is used for college, university and you can wear this on occasions like Mehndi, mayoon, an


Punnet Chabbi Art 05
Rs:1050 Rs:799
Ceramic Vase Medium
Rs:5550 Rs:5250
Earrings Art 02
Rs:550 Rs:450
Chabbi Punnet Art 02
Rs:1050 Rs:799
Rainbow Baby
Rs:750 Rs:550
Blue Vase Small
Rs:1750 Rs:1550

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