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Our Vision

“Art” and “craft” are two contrasting kinds of aesthetic, handmade qualities, work organization and department, and work ideology, differing in their emphases on the standards of utility, virtuoso skill, expertise and beauty. Activities organized and arranged as crafts can become art when members of established art worlds take over their media, techniques, own handmade skills, and organizations. Conversely, through increased academicism or subordination and co-ordination between them and this traditional art concerns to exigencies that arise outside an art world, activities organized as art can become a craft and this is fun.

Welcome to Art and Krafts website. We are in business for several years. Our efforts are to promote the unique creations of artist imagination. Our main focus is handmade products which are creative in their designs and features. Art and krafts is perfect place for the people who loves to represent their culture and tradition. Our aim is to display talent of all ages and provide them a platform to exhibit and sell their products. Our entire product is vintage, theme based and very close to heart. The ranges of items are decorative, kitchen, pottery vases, hand embrioded clothes, paintings, khusa, khadi jackets and boxes for jewellery.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the culture and tradition in people. Our main focus is customer obsession. We are in market to set a new standard in handcrafted products.

Arts & Crafts constituted a comprehensive philosophy of living as opposed to a distinct aesthetic style, Handmade products scope extended to virtually every aspect of the decorative arts, design, and architecture fun. There were very few Arts & Crafts designers, particularly among architects, whose work did not bridge several different media even their products. Your mission statement not only helps you become clear on what your business is all about, but also helps your customers identify your core values and designs for routine use products and decoration. This is a must-do to create raving fans and repeat customers that will work at promoting your shop and products.

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