Art and Kraft

“Handicraft and Art” this tradition is thousand-year-old in our country. It considered as a custom and notified the norms of Harappa, Mohen Jo Daro , Northern Areas and Indus valley. Our craft is much popular for its attractive texture and embellishment. The making of handi crafts in particular style and manner represents the heritage of different areas in Pakistan. Artists have done extra ordinary work in this field that includes weaving, designing, printing and embroidery. “Art and Kraft” welcome worldwide group of creative individuals to present their art and craft on Ak’s Gallery. We are committed to providing a platform for individuals to exhibit their work as well as opportunity to buy the historic items online.

In Pakistan Original blue pottery and handicraft is difficult to find one need proper research and spent much time to identify its original product. In Multan you can find its shop where you get the quality product but if you are outside somewhere in Pakistan then best option is online shopping from Art and Kraft. You May Get your desire product of premium quality through online shopping from Art and Kraft website. They offer products with its history. All of its product is vintage, theme-based and very close to heart. The ranges of items are decorative, kitchen pottery vases, Hand Embroidered clothes, paintings and boxes for jewelry.

About Art and Kraft – AK’s aims is to display talent of all ages and provide platform to exhibit and sell their products to earn their livelihood. To Book your customized orders of the following categories please contact our team here.

The company offers following categories.

  • Blue Pottery
  • Brass Handicrafts
  • Jewelry
  • Ladies Khussa
  • Northern Areas Sweets and Dried fruits products
  • Hand Embroidered shawls and Dresses
  • Decorative items
  • kitchen pottery vases
  • paintings
  • boxes for jewelry
  • The company is working 24/7 you can drop your order via email at