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Pearl Necklace

Color: Golden & White

Description: We have hundreds of pieces of jewelry each one unique, one-of-a-kind. As I add them to the jewellery online store and give them a description. Golden Color necklace with mate white pearls makes it unique and beautiful to wear on casual dress and party.

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Flower Necklace

Color: Metal

Description: Pearls are the most popular option when it comes to jewellery but sometimes that means sacrificing the sparkle. In this item, we have to target the sparkle with pearl. If you like the idea of combining pearls with little bling of bit.

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Chain Necklace

Color: Copper

Description: I am having trouble trying to describe the uniqueness of that article is starting to sound the same. Most of the products have similar designs and features. To make a strong impression on the prospect, emphasize how your product is different from everyone else.

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Rs:1000 Rs:900

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Afghani Necklace

Color: Silver

Description: This article have a strategy to make the unique as jewellery on occasions. Think of eye-catching phrases that will make you want a product. A lot of products have similar designs and features but this style is very different and stylish.

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