Woolen Shawls

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Printed Border

Color: Fawn

Material: Fabric

Description: '' A comfy shawl will not only make you look pretty but also you look stylish.''

Kashmiri style woolen shawl which is made from the handlooms by skilled swati women. This shawl has a beautiful tilla border embroidery. This shawl is more trendy, elegant and makes you look more glamorous than any costumes.

  • Handmade Shawl
  • Kashmiri Style
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Rs:13500 Rs:11999

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Swati Jaaldar

Color: CopperĀ 

Material: Fabric

Description: ''If you wanna look stylish you can try out pretty much any style with a shawl''.

This pure woolen shawl is more trendy, elegant and makes you look more glamorous than any costume. This shawl style is very unique and a beautiful tilla border embroidery as well as booti covered in the shawl is handmade.

  • Latest Design
  • Shawl for Women
  • Handmade
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Rs:16700 Rs:14999

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Woolen shawl

Color: Brown

Material: Fabric

Description: ''Wearing a shawl is not a style, it's a lifestyle.''

This shawl has beautiful embroidery done with a colored tilla. This design is very unique and a perfect combination with every outfit. This shawl design is also suitable for all occasions varying from casual to formal.

  • Block Printed
  • Handmade
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Rs:16500 Rs:15000

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