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Rs : 1150.00 Rs : 1035.00

Color: Brown

Material: Leather

7 to 8 sizes available

Description: ''Beautiful shoes take you to a beautiful places''.

A huge variety can be found online nationally and internationally. These days khussas can be made on order and you can even specify your own design. This beautiful and unique style also different with orange Mukesh and the bun of colorful flowers looks very awesome.

  • Comfortable
  • Handmade Khussa
  • 100 % Pure
  • Pure Leather

Multani crush
Rs:800 Rs:750
Khussa K102
Rs:599 Rs:599
Khussa K 103
Rs:895 Rs:805
Khussa K104
Rs:700 Rs:630
Rs:1350 Rs:1215
Pearl Queen
Rs:1250 Rs:1125
Tilla Queen
Rs:1125 Rs:1015
Colorful Punjabi Jutti
Rs:1200 Rs:1080
Punjabi festive
Rs:1200 Rs:1080
Sparkling hues
Rs:1250 Rs:1125
Black Gold Beauty
Rs:1200 Rs:1080
Rs:1200 Rs:1080
Tinker Bell
Rs:1550 Rs:1395
Gold Sparkle
Rs:1850 Rs:1665
Mughlai Copper
Rs:1150 Rs:1035
Rock Star
Rs:1550 Rs:1394
Sparkling Floral
Rs:1750 Rs:1575
Basanti Kheri
Rs:1750 Rs:1575
Mughlai Silver
Rs:1150 Rs:1035
Girl Power
Rs:1250 Rs:1125
Fun Floral
Rs:1050 Rs:945
Rs:800 Rs:720
Rs:735 Rs:660
Dance The Night Away
Rs:945 Rs:850
The Multan Sultans
Rs:1225 Rs:1100
Heer Sandals Art 02
Rs:700 Rs:630
Heer Sandals Art 03
Rs:700 Rs:630
Silver Heer
Rs:700 Rs:630
Moonlight Bling
Rs:697 Rs:627
Rs:735 Rs:665
Summer Field
Rs:735 Rs:665
Rs:1150 Rs:1035
Spring Field
Rs:1050 Rs:945

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